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This page is directed to our excellent partner-suppliers and those who want to become one.

  Purchasing policy

The success of our company is closely related to the performance and innovations of our suppliers. With this innovations, added with competitive price, the adherence to delivery dates, short lead-times and flexible production we ensure a market and cost advantage for our customers.

In global competition the quality of products and services becomes a significant faktor. And only with highest quality the request of longer warranty period and reliabel operation can be fulfilled. So we appreciate certified quality (ISO 9000) and safety.

We keep a honest, direct and open communication and are interested in stable agreements. We anticipate from our suppliers responsible - minded dealing with customers, employees and the environment.

With provide services and latest technical advice to our customers and expect prompt response from our suppliers.

Under this premisses we are interested in cooperation with additional supply-partners for complementary products.


  Preferred Testings and Certificates

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